Make a game in a pouch

Throughout history people have enjoyed challenging each other to board games. Gaming pieces made from all kinds of materials are found by archaeologists. There are also boards, some unusual like one carved on a church pew or one impressed into a Roman roof tile.

This ancient game is a simple form of 'Mill' or 'Three Men's Morris'. It is simple to play and easy to make. Have a go.

To make Mill:

Cut out a large circle of cloth or other handy material.
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Draw a grid of three vertical and three horizontal lines.
Draw playing spaces at each junction.
Thread an appropriate string or cord about 3cm from the edge of your circle. This makes a drawstring bag.
Make or select playing pieces decorated appropriately. Originals were made from clay, pebbles, coins and bits of bone.

To play Mill:

The object is to get your three pieces in a straight line (like in noughts and crosses)
Two players have three pieces each.
Take it in turns to place pieces on the board
Once all the pieces are on the board, take turns to move pieces one space a turn along the lines (no diagonals)
The winner is the first to make a row of three

Keith Matthews 2011 Copying for educational use is encouraged